Search engine default

Got a weird problem occurring in my Google chrome. Since about a week now, when I use the address box to enter search criteria, it automatically defaults to "Ask" search engine. I reset the Google chrome parameters everyday back to "Google" search engine as the default and every morning, the 'pewter sets it back to "Ask".

Any ideas?


Just a couple of further thoughts -

You should have Spybot Search & Destroy and CCleaner permanently installed and run them as part of your regular housekeeping.

Having done everything recommended in the removal advice, run both of those programs. Then do a search for any files with "ask" in the filename (include hidden files).

If you haven't found anything wrong, but the unwanted browser still appears, try downloading and running Shortcut Cleaner from

If all this sounds like a terrible chore, pretend it is a war game. It's a great feeling when you win!

I haven't had this particular hijacker. I would always try a System Restore to a date prior to when the problem first occurred as my first "immediate action".

Next, I would follow the advice here -

If that doesn't work, there are other solutions out there. Just search on "Ask hijacks browser". These things tend to evolve, so it may help to look for the most recent solution.

Bonne chance!

TRy booting into Safe Mode with Network support and running Eset (and any others you may have to hand) again

Mike, good advice there. I think following that I’ll turn it over to our it manager and have him sort it as it’s annoying me.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Unfortunately I have tried them all and it’s still coming back. Any further help will be appreciated.

There are a number of Browser Hijackers around. Not actually classes as viruses, but generally regarded as undesirable and often difficult to remove. The nastiest of these is probably Nation Zoom, but Delta is not far behind.

Whatever your problem, you will find plenty of free help online, but removal can waste a lot of time. And in some cases, these programs make changes that make it impossible to do a System Restore.

I recently got caught while installing an update late at night. I was tired and just clicked all the boxes.

So my advice is to read what it says in all those boring messages before you click "OK". Don't ever install anything other than the software you asked for.

Will do that too. Thanks Brian. Will I find the extensions in the Chrome settings panel?

Thanks Steve, I haven't updated Java, but I do have Eset professional, so I'll run that now and let you know.

Have you recently updated Java ? That offers to install the Ask toolbar and set it as the default search engine if you don't deselect it. I would run the Eset online scanner and choose the "remove unwanted prog" option.