Searching for a dog friendly Gite

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Reaching out to you to see if anyone knows of a Gite that will take on 3 adults and a dog for 1-2 nights passing from Lyon to Limoges.

Thank you in advance.


Not a gite but if there is one on your route B&B Hotels are often dog-friendly

I quite like these, stayed in one on edge of Rouen last week.

Hi, Mat

Thank you for the info, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ibis hotels take dogs for a small supliment, plenty of them around.

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Yes, 6€ in Dijon a week or two back. Although in the end dog stayed at home.

We now use chambre d’hôtes for stopping over with our dog. He can be disturbed by noises in a hotel corridor and bark, which means we can spend hours hugging him so he doesn’t ! He was fine as a pup, but has turned into a grumpy old man :rofl:

One can find CdH places that just have one room, often with separate entrance which are perfect. Look at tourist offices, GdF and other usual sites.

We stayed in one close to Limoges in October….lovely person, dog friendly and great room with separate fully equipped kitchen for our sole use. But not much use if you want to be between Lyon and Limoges!

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We always travel with a dog ('cos you never know when you might need one) but we use, which has a ‘pet friendly’ search filter that’s very handy. Ibis are good, for an overnight, but can be a bit basic, for anything longer, so it’s worth looking further. We often find apartments for an overnight stay and on a recent trip to Spain, we got three one night stays in dog friendly apartments plus a week in a dog friendly luxury apartment in central Barça.

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Ah well……booking . com. carries on its march to wipe out any opposition, and make sure the proprietors earn as little as possible.

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Some hotels, gites , apartments only allow dogs under 10 kg. We always used to ask gite clients about their dog(s), mainly to try to ensure their weren’t any clashes with clients in our other gite

No one’s compelled to use it!

Their prices aren’t always the lowest so, perhaps if its competitors’ filters were as comprehensive, it wouldn’t be so dominant

You were not allowed to not allow pets when we were renting our gite it was the rules.

For airlines it’s usually under (kg in the cabin, except for flights to the UK, where it’s not just fleeing refugees that aren’t wanted! The whole rabies fear epitomises the country’s ridiculous, but long standing and insufficiently highlighted fear of ‘contamination’ of the "Island Race"as shown by C19th attitudes to Chinese, C20th anti-Semitism or contemprorary anti-Islam.

Returning to subject after rant, budget airline Vueling have just raised their canine weight limit to 8kgs. I don’t really want to fly anywhere right now, but it’s interesting to learn that we could take our miniature poodle from Toulouse to Rome for next to nothing. But suspect she’d prefer that we drove.

When my wife emigrated from S Africa to the UK she brought our previous dog in without the need for six months in quarantine, the route’s not cheap, but neither is it illegal, and much better than the alternative.

The prices to the punter may not be the lowest….the problem with the two big platforms is that they squeeze down the price the owner gets to below others as their commission is high, and people are also pressured to drop prices. We would have to raise our prices by 15 - 20% to earn the same (modest) amount if we used these platforms.


I use booking platforms to identify hotels etc in the area, and then try to book directly (unless it’s a campanile type hotel)


Thank you Mark. :slight_smile:

If I have to stay longer than a week, i will use the big platforms to at least get a place, then i will mention this to the proprietor that i need to stay longer and generally they are like Jane says up to or even more than 20% under the big boys and are happier that they get the price they need to keep the business running.

That’s a useful link, @DrMarkH

I see they talk about “pets”. Obviously dogs are the most likely species – has anyone travelled with a cat?

Some of our clients!! We take one dog, but not cats, and a couple of times people have said they have a dog and turned up with a cat as well!

And a hamster like thing too once.