Searching for an Architect & PM in the Créon 33670 area

Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me join your network, I'm new to this but hopefully I'll get on ok.

My husband and I (and small baby) are looking to buy a house in the Entre Deux Mers area that needs renovating, so I was wondering if anyone had any contacts near Créon? (Preferably English speaking though not essential) We plan on staying in the UK until it's complete so need someone to manage the project if we go ahead, but at this stage really just need someone to take a look for us and give a professional opinion.

Here's hoping! Many thanks, Catherine

Good morning

We had an excellent Architect 5 years ago.

He was working with a company in Castilon and now he has ventured

out on his own....

He was very polite, particular and fairly punctial

I feel that Creon would be fine

if you are interested I will put you in touch.

Happy to rec omend him

He is French by the way

Thanks Alison, I’ve contacted Neil to discuss. And yes, I would be interested to speak to your surveyor friend too - we’ve not done anything like this before so need to make sure we anticipate as many potential pitfalls as possible! (Is that even possible? Who knows!) Can I send a private message on here somehow?

And thanks too David, I have also contacted Justine. Do you have experience using her?

Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Might suit you. Or consult the Architectes de Bordeaux website ; an interesting and entertaining experience if you are architectural enthusiasts.