Searching for holiday cottages in southern France

Hi there,

I'm planning a trip to France in May/ June this year for about 7-10 days to the Mediterranean coast. Hotels are quite expensive so we were thinking about taking a small cottage outside a village or small town, anywhere between Montpellier and Menton. We will be arriving by plane and won't rent a car, so a good public transport network should be available to get us from and to the airport within 1-1.5 hrs and get us out and about for day trips to the beach, mountains and other small towns (eg. Nice, Grasse).

We are looking for some old, well maintained cottage or house, nothing fancy, with a bakery or grocery store within a 1-2km radius. After looking around for quite a while we only found those purpose-built settlements of cottages, which kinda kill the southern France romantica we had in mind...

Would appreciate any kind of info and pointers to booking websites, contacts to cottage owners etc.

Thanks a bunch!


I look after which is 30 mins from Montpellier... it's an old stone watermill and you can walk to 3/4 restaurants a cafe and a breadshop