Searching for Registered English- French Translator


I am looking for a registered translator to work with - preferably registered for court translations in France as most of the work is legal documents.


Thanks everyone for your assistance with this.

I would second Philippes recommendation of Magali FUSS. Magali did a bit of traduction agreee for us last year when we had to prepare documents to get married in Bordeaux. Her work was swift, professional and correctly priced. Quite spooky her name cropping up here.

This company is listed on our business category list in my group Business Owners in France:

Sworn translations in France since 1974 of birth, marriage, divorce, death records, qualifications, transcripts, wills and company/sales documents for all UK/French authorities. Regards, Sandra

Hello there, the best I know is Magali FUSS, a native South Africain lady, Bordeaux Court of Appeal appointed expert in both English and German language.

tel: fax: e.mail :

She is busy but very good and I know what I mean as I work for English speaking clients only in court and it is a nightmare to find a good translator these days.


Philippe PEJOINE

Thanks for all the replies for the translation assistance.

I have a friend who is a registered translator.
Her speciality is legal translation - do you want me to put her in contact with you?
Give me your e mail if you do.


When I got married we had to translate my birth certificate and we used this translator :

Very efficient.


Hi Graham, I’ve used Thomas Court for a lot of work I’ve needed translating. He is quick, very efficient, and is completely bi-lingual, and his legal backgroudn is very helpful too! His LinkedIn profile is here: If you need a sworn translator, a colleague of Tom’s can do that for you.