Searching for Robert&Pauline Thomas

I'm reposting a message from another forum in case anybody here has advice. The original poster has been advised to contact the mairie, Connexion newspaper etc. But I recall trying to trace a family member, and the urgency, before my father died and the difficult I had. It must be worse doing it in a foreign language and country so I'm keen to try and help, therefore spreading the word. If you have any tips or know these people please let me know and I will pass it on. Thanks.


Hi, I am trying to trace my Uncle and Aunt who moved to France some years ago. They have moved on from the last address and phone number we had for them.
Their names are Bobby (Robert) and Pauline Thomas, my mum is not sure on his year of birth but its the 5th October around 1953.
They were last known (3-4 years ago) to be running and bed and breakfast in Montignac in Bougneau and all we know is that they was moving on to somewhere bigger.
I have tried facebook, google, French version of yellow pages but with such a common name it seems impossible.
Does anyone recognise the names?
Does anyone have any other suggestions to try and find them? I maybe thought of the French version of companies house as they will probably be running a business.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated as my mum is getting on now and would like to get back in touch with her little brother.
Thanks x

No need for thanks, it was my pleasure and a bit of naughty fun going searching. However, so happy for your mum.

Even this hardened cynic confesses to getting a bit misty eyed. Well done Brian :-)

Great stuff, Sandy. I did try sleuthing the problem but I don't have the prestige or skills of our resident Don, being only one of those "MAs" that never followed up on Academia except in an amteur status :)

"Love" (instead of "like") - wonderful outcome.

Relayed the information and got this reply which I wanted to share, and thank you again Brian:


OMG thank you so much for your help!
I got my mum to call and it was them, think you have made her Christmas.
Thanks so much for your help again
Tanya x

I make a living from research, not really things like this, but have learned the knack of finding anybody, anywhere if they are public and a few very private. If I need authors of academic works that I am not going to pay €200 or so for in order to see two pages I hunt them down. It took me less than 10 minutes just for the challenge, so nothing lost on my part and a bit of practice to keep my hand in. So you are very welcome. Apart from that, some of us on SFN try to help others and get pleasure from doing so.

Barring an unlikely coincidence you probably have them, but then there is always that kind of chance that there really is a Santa Claus and we grown ups have got it wrong ;-)

Brian ... or should I call you Sherlock? Thank you, that sounds like them and I'm very grateful for your information which I have sent on to the original enquirers. well done!

That's very very kind of you. It's great to have these online fora where complete strangers will help others with enquiries and advice, as you have.

If I ever need a detective, then I will definitely get in touch with you ... sounds like you were a bloodhound in a previous life!

Thanks again

I love a challenge. There is a bed and breakfast called Maison d'Lavande not far above Bordeaux, so not far from where you said in Montignac in Bougneau that offers bed and breakfast that is near to Gemozac (Le Breuil, 17260 Gemozac, Charente-Maritime). The contact named is Pauline Thomas, phone 05 46 94 46 16. According to the online sources I looked through, it was open and running in June and July this year. Perhaps the one you are looking for? Well, it lists a Robert Thomas as an artisan at the same address. Perhaps too much of a coincidence to not be right.

I do not know them, live nowhere near there but can track people down very quickly as a rule. Let us all know if it got them though!