Second EU petition

I suspect that many SFN members were disappointed with the vote on Thursday 23 June, and may well have signed the petition asking for a second referendum. It is unlikely that a second referendum will be offered, but there is now a second on-line petition requesting that any decision on Brexit should be taken by parliament after careful and reasonable discussion, not just on ill-informed public opinion. The link is here Can anyone in favour please sign, and also please pass the link on to anyone else who might be interested.

The first petition whipped up an enormous response - it would be nice if this one (which in my opinion stands a chance of success) could also be popular.

The referendum had already been agreed by an Act of Parliament ( The European Union Referendum Act 2015) so why the need for another passage through Parliament ?

The reply to the petition for a second referendum seems to me to imply that there is no need for a vote by parliament but I disagree. If people had voted based upon the truth then maybe that would be the correct view but it's now clear that they didn't, with all the backtracking and as the lies have sort of been admitted, even if it's only to say 'well we can't actually guarantee that' or by the fact that those who made the promises are now out of the picture and can't be held to account. Either a vote by parliament on whether to invoke Article 50 or failing that, a second referendum on the terms of an exit (including the option to forget it and not exit at all) is the correct way to go, in my opinion. At least then people will be clear about what they are voting for.