Secret Santa and a Weekend of Festivities

Much fun was had this weekend - we visited Father Christmas in his grotto in Canary Wharf![](upload://mDvtly2OG9bEfGdYkHb6d0PLEr0.jpg)and we've been busy organising the SFN Secret Santa:

Firstly we wrote everyone who entered onto paper - the Secret Santa was adjudicated by Miss Mouse![](upload://4EpPTYdhieMS5Uquk6lQXWZhqCU.jpg)Next we folded them all up and put them into the Christmas Stocking:

Miss Mouse checked twice that they were all in there:

Next Jasmine picked out the first name:

and the result is:Ah you’ll have to wait to find out - but before that My little Izzy had a go:

Now we have picked out all the names in the stocking - I’ll be sending you all emails with the name & address of the person you are Secret Santa for. Please send your gift off ASAP to ensure your recipient gets it by Christmas. I have my fingers crossed that this works - all a bit of good fun!

Now I'm off to wrap my present for....shhh not telling :)

It was definitely a sign Damaris - go on be good to yourself :)

Oooh just saw your other post....I'll be sure to look into treating myself lol ;)

I'm happy to share! :)

Thanks for sharing the draw - it is delightful. I’m happy to share after Christmas - get ideas for next year!

good point raised by Jerry, as his is coming from the States he'll need to put his name/address - customs! So whoever the lucky recipient is - please try to ignore the postage label :)

Perhaps we should wait to see what our gifts are!!! No only joking!! No prob happy to share!!

To all the Secret Santas out there - we need a vote on whether we are happy to share what our gifts were on SFN after Christmas? My thoughts are we share our gift but not who sent what to whom. Please can you let us know if you are happy to let people know what you received?

ha ha - thanks everyone - all the emails should be out now with the details of your secret santa lucky recipients. It was fun and I've got my fingers crossed it all works out. We have a couple of members from the USA and one from New Zealand and everyone else is in France. A funny thing happened when we were doing the draw, Damaris came out twice in a row for herself - I think Santa is trying to tell you to treat yourself this year Damaris :)

Can I please swap them for my two? Don't mind the extra one either!

Brilliant Suzanne! Your girls are beautiful, and thanks for all the hard work.

That`s so sweet that the girls took part, so cute!

Love your photos! Thanks again for organising this Suzanne :-)


That's brilliant - absolutely adore the photos and Miss Mouse.

How sweet - thank you for taking the time to share the photos - Good job girls!!!