Secret Santa?

Calling all Secret Santa's - I'm afraid a few of you didn't receive your presents this last year - I can only put it down to being 2013 or you weren't on Santa's good list?

Sorry about that - I assure you the Secret Santas have confirmed they did indeed send the reindeers got lost or blown off course by the terrible winds we had.

As we are well into January now I think it's safe to say you probably won't be getting them :(

Sorry about that but not a lot I can do I'm afraid except to say better luck in 2014 :)

P.S. For those lucky folks who did receive their gifts and who wish to thank their Secret Santa - please feel free to go ahead and do so on here x

Yes I did not receive my Secret Santa lol, however I did get the New Kindle Fire HDX from my boyfriend, so I was not too disappointed :-)

I bought my Secret Santa gift from a French Christmas market but sent it to my Secret Santa whilst in Scotland visiting my best friend and her children.

Maybe this year I will try again.

Ah I recognise that name, so happy the reindeers were ‘en forme’ :slight_smile:

Lucky me - I received mine well in time to be put under the tree. Thank you Secret Santa!

Unfortunately I don’t have a name but my secret santa was from the Dordogne and send me some wonderful tea and incense, thank you very much, Gudi xxx