Secure storage / or move of personal effects across France

Hi. I am trying to weigh up the costs of:
A) moving 8-9 m2 of boxed personal effects from Franche Comte to Midi Pyrannaes utilising a van and driver (I do not drive )


B) up to 6 months commecial stiorage in Franche Comte ( near L’isle sur le Doubs )

I have an offer of A) at up to 500 Euro to cover autoroute tolls and return fuel costs - does that seem reasonable?

If you have an opinion / service offer I would like to hear, many thanks.


Say 700km, or 1400km return. Approx 8l diesel per 100km for something like a transit, so about 112litres fuel which will be about 160 euros. Tolls depend on route but likely about 80 each way, so another 160 euros. So 320 euros without paying anything for driver, wear and tear on vehicle etc etc. So 500 euros doesn’t sound excessive.

Thanks that is a helpful estimate. Seems there is some variance on the tolls estimate, but I suppose that depends on route. Does anyone know a website that calculates tolls acros a know a to b route?

via Michelin


I am looking for a man and a van comparison website, in France, like any ideas folks?