See People Naked

Tomoz, the 31st December 2011 is the Annual last Nude swim of the year Celebration, at the Village Naturiste, Cap D'Agde, Herault.

The Mayor will be there, Pomp and pomiers, Brass Band, and Brass Monkeys, with their welding kit.

It is always packed, and there is hot wine and nudes everywhere. You do not have to pay to get in its FREE.

I shall be there to take shots and conducting interviews. So, anyone from the Languedoc, or the rest of France who has nothing better to do, pop on down.

You are not required to take your kit off. But if you do, you will not be arrested, but applauded, especially if you go into the the large water feature we call the Med. Plus you may appear on the Tele, The Midi Libre, certainly YooToob, and probably on some weirdos DVD collection. Can't be bad.

Pics to follow.

There is a naturist beach on Lac de Vassiviere du Limousin, which is just to the north of the Corrèze: but I think it is used more during the summer than on New Year's Eve!

Page of pics......

I shot 300 pics today, of the Naked City and Montpellier;

Nothing RUDE

My New Year's Revolution, is to stop being so damn' arrogant.

Happy New year all!

Just got in from THE NAKED CITY

Beautiful day,15°s

Got loads of Photos but you don't publish any nudity, but I have the Band, people in their Clown Masks etc

Really nice community spirit, great fun! Pics and Blog later.

We are going to Montpellier with my friend Kev today, and Michelle and the kids.

We will park in the Odysium, and take the Tramway to the City centre, to get cultured up!

Might do Pezenas tonight.....time allowing.

I don't see you all, Have a happy happy new year!

Mad Ron

he he

Thanks Andrew.

will do

I went took the plunge on new year's day a few years back (but not at cap d'agde and I did keep my trunks on!) If I was in Montagnac I'd join in for a laugh but we're off to friends in Aurillac then taking the kids sledging tomorrow so I'll have to make do with a reminder of what it's all about...,437676.php

Have a good one Ron ;-)


Much more laid back ici.....

Maria, a professional always is, neat, and covered. at all times.

Shame you can't make it.


It starts at 12.30

no, I'm a professional!

are you perverse?