Seed Potatoes

A couple of years ago I planted Gourmandine and Dolwen de Bretagne potatoes both a bit more expensive than supermarket seed potatoes but chosen because of excellent crop (which it was), disease resistance, versatility and storage longevity. I haven’t seen these varieties when I’ve looked in various gardening outlets this year and was wondering if anyone knew of any outlets stocking them or could point me to an online outlet. Thanks.

They are being advertised this year 2012 in our local Point Verte in 64, Bearn just north of Pau.

Thanks Alex. I’ll keep these outlets in mind. I’d hope to find them around here (72) since if they’ve got them in Orne they’ll surely have them in Sarthe. They’re easily the best all rounders we’ve tried - huge crop and stored for ages.

Hi Ricky
Bought both these varieties recently.
Goumandine available in Bricomarche locally (61)
Dolwen de Bretagne is available in Leclerc garden centre locally (61)

Hope this helps


You could take a look at this site or contact Didier. He may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.

Hi Ricky,
I have never seen the varieties you mentioned. But if you are looking for a good choice of potatoes have a look at They do mainly Bio stuff so cost a little more, I find their products good.