Selecting Text When Quoting

I’ve noticed quite a few times (and it also happens to me) that when a poster is quoting part of an earlier post in a topic, some of the first characters are often missed. In the past, I usually notice it before posting (or immediately after) and make a correction but it can be annoying if your mouse control skills are suspect or the mouse skids over the surface uncontrollably.
It hadn’t occurred to me that there was a fix until I read this article which explains a better way…

Instead of a single click and drag, try doing a double-click instead. This will highlight word by word rather than letter by letter, which is much more efficient.

It takes a little practice initially but once you have mastered it, it works every time.
Try it out… double click with the left mouse button anywhere on the the first word you want to select, don’t release the mouse button but just move the mouse in the direction required until all the text you wish to quote is highlighted.
Devilishly simple… I really don’t know why it took me so long to realise it!


Yes, it is. :slight_smile: Thanks

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Are you new to computers?!



If you notice the quote is missing the first few letters, edit them back in.

In any case a few missing letters doesn’t bother me when reading quoted text - it’s more annoying when the quote gets corrupted and shows as eg

quote=“graham, post:1, topic:41108”]
It takes a little practice initially

you knew that, of course… :wink:

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I agr e.


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There’s a brilliant book published in 1980 called Riddley Walker - science fiction by Russell Hoban. The spelling and language seems to be virtually garbage, but within a page or so it really doesn’t matter. :grin:

There was an advertisement going around when I was at school which said something like if “u can rd ths msg u can bkm a sec n gt a gd jb” and frankly we all thought if u cnt rd th msg u mst b a bt dm