Self Growth Group

Hello, I’m a newbie here on Survive France so still finding my way around the website…
Please visit my personal profile page to find out a bit more about me… In the meantime, just wondering if there was enough interest for a new group in Self Growth and personal development. I teach in workshops both here and in the UK and written now 3 books, and so can contribute quite a bit to a group of like-minded people who are interested in achieving their goals in life, overcoming their personal obstacles and living their dream. I would love to share my passion for helping people achieve their potential, and so am testing the water here so to speak if there would be enough interest. If so, I will set one up, and we can get started… looking forward to hearing your comments…Jackie

Hi Laura, sounds like you’ve had a bit of a horrendous time with this person stalking you. Building confidence is a lot about tackling self-limiting beliefs - we all have them to some degree… maybe we should have a chat sometime. I’ve added you to my mailing list for my free weekly newsletter which I hope you find helpful.
I’m really keen to start a personal development group for people who are keen to learn new skills in self-discovery and accessing the inner resources we all have, as well as working with universal laws such as the law of attraction in order to achieve the things we want in life. So hopefully there will plenty of interest… Glad to have you on board Laura and I will keep you posted.
jackie xx