Self install log burner - is it possible?

I am considering installing a log burner - it looks pretty straight forward.

In the U.K. you have to get your installation signed off if you install one yourself, is this the same in France?

No sign off required as far as I’m aware @Mat_Davies

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My ‘handyman’ did mine. Just make sure you attach the flue liner securely so no leaks and double check it doesn’t shift (it shouldn’t) when you have the flue cleaned - if you have a certified cleaner do it annually (s)he will give you a certificate for the insurance.

Hi Matt

Is this to be fitted to an existing chimney…?? with our without flue liner ??..


Hi Stella

There is an existing stone chimney, but it is not currently lined. I will be lining it and terminating it appropriately at the top and bottom of the chimney.

Youtube is a fantastic source for learning! - but it does seem to fill me with at times slightly too much confidence!

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I agree… YouTube is great…

Leroy Merlin put on lots of excellent guidance videos.

I would suggest you have a quick word with your Insurance Co to ensure that your work on the fire/chimney will be covered under your household policy. You don’t want to be arguing with insurers in later years, should you suffer a chimney/house fire (heaven forbid).