Self sufficiency / smallholders group

Please can you let me know if you would be happy to be a Topic Host and if so which one?

Looking for people to cover:


Home brew

Crafts / spinning / weaving / knitting

Livestock -Sheep - goats - cattle - pigs

Equine welfare


llamas and Alpacas

Alternative energy


Storing and preserving

Handy money saving hints and tips

This list is by no means exhaustive and is bound to evolve but if I can get an idea of who is happy to help with what - it would be useful.

Thanks! Cxx

Right everyone…I am finally going to do this today - thank you everyone who has volunteered!! Cxx

Thank you all kind people -will try to get this sorted over the weekend - watch this space…! Cx

Could possibly do craft, depending on what’s needed cos from a techie point of view I’m not brill, but happy to learn. Crafts like sewing, knitting, paper maché, jewellery making - have to say for fun, rather than a self-sufficiency point of view - pls let me know.

Brilliant - thanks guys. Will put you down for that then.

Claire - maybe you didn’t get the previous newsletter - the group hasn’t yet been set up - that’s why you can’t join it :slight_smile: Hopefully it will happen this week.

As far as the bee topic goes - Bee club is going into the new group as the topic host - apologies for confusing you…

I’m happy to host bee topic, although is it really necessary given the existing beekeeping group? Surely it will lead to duplication? Also, I’m trying to join this group, but can’t work it out (again!) Clare