Sell me your mobile phone!

Ok, I don't actually want all of your mobile phones but I am looking to upgrade what I've currently got.

I thought there are bound to be plenty of you who are in a similar position, you want to buy a better mobile phone and maybe sell your old one too.

So here's what to do, list in the comments below what you have for sale, post some photos if you can and a description, you can get in to detail later if someone is interested in buying it from you.

If you're looking for a particular phone like I am, you can list that too.

That's it. I'll kick off in the comments, thanks!

Brian, that looks good, you got me looking for other clones, what about this one, what do you think? About 150 quid on Amazon

I am looking for a Samsung Galaxy, possibly a Note or S3, unlocked. Will consider anything similar. What have you got?