Selling a French property

Has anyone used ‘french’ to Sell or Buy a property in France?

We are thinking of Down-Sizing and would like a quick and inexpensive sale if this is possible to achieve.

Do not want to pay 6 % or more commision

Suggestions and Advice?

Buyers pay the commission not sellers.

Sometimes it’s paid by the seller but ultimately it all balances out the same, as the asking price will take into account whomever is “paying”

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Your choice will depend on
i. the type of property and therefore your target market (overseas buyers or locals?)
ii. your knowledge of the market and particularly prices
iii. how soon you want to sell.

I know someone who sold on a similar site to the one you mention. It was a pretty cottage in a village and he sold in a few months, to an Australian. The vendor knew the market well, and he got a fair price. Using such a site tends to limit your audience to overseas buyers.

I know agents who are really worth their commission - and those who aren’t!

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False logic - adding the commission to the asking price or taking this amount into consideration when selling does not make sense. Either way the seller and the buyer lose out to the agents big fat fee.
Reduce the asking price by half the proposed commission fee and both parties will benefit.
I would be interested to know who the worthy agents are.
I am aiming at all markets. Either in France, Europe or World-Wide, as long as they want to buy why should it matter.

A house will only sell for what people are prepared to pay for it and fees can often tip some buyers over their credit limit so you have to be real where the costs lie LeBonCoin is very popular and a lot of people use it, I found my plot on there that I would not have known about and used only a Notaire to sell my previous property as some immobiliers now have tarnished their reputation by not being more involved and hands on and people have long memories especially if they arepaying for that service. My son’s inlaws sold a flat in Brest recently via a Paris agency because they felt it would reach the sort of clientele who would pay such a price for a very expensive location whereas the local population would be able to buy a house and garden for the same money

As already mentioned, that website is more for non-French buyers. We had our house on it for a while, no interest. If you want to sell it yourself, use Le Bon Coin or try (pap = particuler a particulier - person to person). But only if your French is good enough.

We sold our house on Facebook market place. I know of a few people who have done the same. 0% commission

Don’t forget a good immobilier provides two useful services: filtering out people who aren’t serious (or even dishonest) and people who haven’t the means.

The US way of buying property as the family found out was for the real estate agent to invite THEM to go looking but they had to have the mortgage in place first to qualify for an invite. The agent then did everything they required and because the family took out an insurance from them to cover problems that could crop up like the air con failing, the boiler not working etc it worked out well. This cut out the time wasters and nosey parkers.