Selling a house and cutting hedges

Any advice please? My house in France has been sold but sale not completed yet. I understand the contract says the property must be the same as when the buyer saw it. This will not be the case with the hedges and view if I comply with neighbours’ sudden demands.
Neighbours have now asked me to cut down 2 hedges - one from the house to left of mine although this house was built by builder and never finished (many years). He uses plot to store building material etc. I planted a slow growing bay hedge which hides his unfinished house etc. He has never asked for hedge to be cut till now. If I cut it down does the buyer have the right to say the view is different i.e. bad and will I be penalised?
The other is a leylandii hedge, NOT planted by me, which gardeners are today cutting down to 3m (not to 2m as neighbours asked). It borders with a lane and not directly onto any neighbour. Gardeners say it will look awful if cut to 2m. NB It does nor border any neighbour.
I have only been able to go to the house for 2months in the last two and half years. Thanks .

Why not contact the notary dealing with the sale and ask them ?
From memory, the I seem to recall that the compromis de vente usually specifies not being allowed to changing anything unless you are legally compelled to do so. Are you legally compelled to do so at this stage?

Just because the neighbour has asked doesn’t mean you have to do it immediately, unless you have been legally compelled to do so, e.g. arrêté municipal.


I would be very tempted to not do it and let the neighbour resolve it with the new owners.


That was my thought as well.

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Me three.

In fact I suspect doing it before the new neighbours were in was probably the motivation behind the request.


I think you’re probably right! Thanks for replies.

I would be very cautious making any changes as your buyers could rightfully just walk away.

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Thanks. I think at least one of the hedges should be 2 m. It has been so slow growing that one has hardly noticed it is quite high in some places and I am willing to cut it. The law says neighbouring hedges must be 2m. I now think I will need agent to ask buyer if they want it cut by me now or to deduct the cost of cutting from the price of the house sale.

Especially as it’s definitely not hedge-cutting season right now.

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Isn’t it? :thinking: