Selling a house privately?

Just contemplating whether to sell a small house I own in a neighbouring village. It’s a doer upper but I can’t see myself getting around to renovating it, as time seems to flash by with all the other interests here. Anyway, instead of using an expensive agent, I was wondering whether I could sell it privately. I realize I’d have to spend time responding to any approaches, but happy to do that.

So my question is to anyone that’s gone down this route, and can offer any advice on what’s required and what the process looks like.

Done this twice (one sale, one purchase). Looks much the same as with an agent but you do more legwork. And need to sift out scammers.

So get DPE, place advert, prepare nice sales pack, go talk to notaire. Wait for offers! Then with notaire follow same process of compromis de vente and then notaire does his stuff, and then acte.

The people we bought from are now friends, which is a bonus.


Thanks for the response. Is DPE the various diagnostic checks?

Where did you place an ad, or did you post in a number of places?

And for the notaire, is it wise to approach them before I kick off the process? And is there anything specific they need to do before finding a buyer?

DPE is just the energy rating. It’s required (by law I think unless its uninhabitable) before you start advertising your property .

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