Selling a second-hand car privately

I wondered if anyone could give me some advice about organising payment when selling a second-hand car in France. Its a long time since I did this in the UK, and then I simply asked for a certified cheque, issued by the purchasers bank. But, I have no idea what to do in France, never having been close to anything like this before. Ideas and advice welcome.

Yes, as already advised, go to the bank and ask for a banker's cheque. Or rather ask the purchaser to provide the said cheque ! Your car needs a new CT as well. (or perhaps there is a minimum amount of time left to go before you need to get a new one. Some one else will advise there.)

Same thing really. If you know the people and trust them then a regular cheque, otherwise a bank cheque. My OH did it a while ago and even knowing the people she bought from, they preferred the banker's cheque because they have had issues having had people's cheques cleared when selling their cars in the past. My OH got that over the counter very quickly and the payment appeared to have subsequently been cleared faster than usual.