Selling an English car (steering wheel on right) in France


Does anyone have any experience of selling or trading in an English car (i.e. steering wheel on the right!) in France? We imported ours so it's French registered now, but we want to get a newer one. Any idea how we'd get on trading it in at a dealership? It's not worth loads, around £1300 if it were UK-registered and we were selling it in the UK.

Thanks for sharing any experiences, good or bad!

In my experience providing the vehicle is French registered, CT'd etc it will be worth around two thirds of its' LHD equivalent on Le Bon Coin. There are exceptions for exotic or unusual vehicles but generally speaking that is a reasonable benchmark.

We were offered 1k for ours at a main dealer and eventually got 2k for it on the bon coin. Hope that helps!

OK so leboncoin is an option, thanks Catharine. I'd still be interested to hear from anyone who's traded one in at a car dealership...

As Catharine says Mary. Nothing is unsellable.

Keep trying and keep creeping the price down until it goes.

Nooooo! Mary no - it is def NOT unsellable.

We've sold several RHD cars here. You will get slightly less than the going rate for a LDH but it will sell. Yes you will get some really daft questions (are you allowed to drive it in France? Are the gears different? Is the clutch in the same place? etc. etc) and fewer inquiries than for a LHD but an 8 yr old C4 should be eminently sellable anyway. We always use leboncion - if you need help with wording the advert I'm sure there are SFN ers who can help. Good luck!

It's a Citroen C4, from 2006. Used car prices are generally a lot higher here but I think the mis-placed steering wheel would make it unsellable. I'm interested to know if anyone's ever traded in a British car, or whether no one would touch it!

Or any experience with private sales, too.

Interesting question...often wondered the same thing. I'll be following this particular discussion.

My suspicion is that it will be worth far more here, albeit left hand drive????

It may be an idea to let folks know what it is.....;o))