Selling house in UK

We’re in the process of selling our house in the UK.

We’ve been advised by our UK solicitor that we are required to get certain documents (passport, driving licence, something confirming our address in France etc) certified by a Notaire Publique.

In addition we’ve been asked to get a statement, in English, by the notaire saying that we are who we say we are etc.

Has anyone gone through this process? I could be wrong here but I’m sure when I was exchanging my uk driving licence to a French one that getting official documents translated wasn’t a requirement if both languages were official EU languages.

Any pointers?

Hi Alan

Nothing to do with selling… but I received a letter asking me to get documents similarly certified… and phoned and explained that …here… it was quite normal for documents to be Certified by a Government Official at the local Government Offices and they said such would be acceptable.

I had all the documents “Certified as True copies of original” by the Maire at the Mairie, with all the signatures, stamps and flourishes…:wink: and enclosed a covering letter explaining everything, yet again. All went well.

If you are known at your Mairie, they could also do you a letter confirming you are, who you say you are… :relieved:

Perhaps you could discuss this to your Solicitor…

Proof of your address is usually an Electricity Bill…or other Utilities… or perhaps your Impot , Tax d’habitation etc… all official documents, after all.

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I’ve twice had to get copies of identity proofs certified by our local notaire (for property transfer and power of attorney in the UK) - I just take in the proofs, which they copy and write on that it is a true copy, and sign, date and stamp it. I’ve never had to get anything written in English (though this would not be a problem for our notaire). It’s about €5 I think.

Thanks for the replies. I did try the Mairie and they happily certified our documents but wouldn’t agree to write the letter so the notaire awaits.

Moved over here in 2005 and have never once been asked to provide a certified or translated document yet. Hopefully I never will.

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Me neither!