Selling miele microwave washing machine and an ice maker all brand new

Hi i am on a brand new boat in the basin in Bordeaux and have two miele micro waves and two ice maker. and a miele washing machine … brand new with manual s. so selling one of each … make an offer…
a real bargain…
die to bad ordering system during covid…ops
annsail1@ sorry its my Australian number +61 409626383…

I can send photos and show u any time Mon Fri in the day…
thanks u

I would be interested in a microwave & washing machine. We are about 45 minutes away from you.

Can you let me know why you have them for sale. If the can message me via dm to indicate how much you are looking for.

I have to admit though that this is a slightly unusual first post on this forum.

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I’m an Australian and I have
just returned after the covid…many things are unusual.
I will be sailing to La Rochelle Monday.
I think half price would be fair.
they are her in storage I can show u anytime u want…
if someone calls or comes first in best dressed its bargains. due to ordering two of the same thing…
annie 61409626383 . I can send u lots more pictures


Some photos would be good

email address please. I can’t seem to load them on this site??? annsail1@ is me