Selling my holiday home

Can a French Estate agent post a house for sale on their website if the diagnostic has been carried out and is ok but still waiting for the fosse inspection

Yes, they just need to make this cleae,

I don’t see why not, especially if they mention in the description that the results of the inspection are outstanding. But @Mat_Davies is the best person to answer this.

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Yes we are not too please with the progress so far it has gone from we need to get your property on the market quickly before the season ends so sign here to 5 weeks of nothing

It is best to have everything in place before actively marketing a property - the process can take a couple of weeks particularly when an Energy Audit is required due to a low DPE.

Occasionally properties are listed so long as the diagnostics etc are going to be done imminently.

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You have to be patient as lenders in France have slowed down on giving loans a lot more now compared to a couple of years ago when it was relatively easy plus the cost of living crisis means people are not moving/selling like they were as other costs bite into their monthly salaries instead. Also people will only pay what they consider is a fair price, not over inflated because the sellers dream of making a huge profit for work they have had done but in reality does not increase the value. You need to cast the net wide and even put it on the LBC and in local papers as well and not stick to just one immobilier. I sold through my notaire within four days in 2021!

Thank you for all replies I appreciate it may be harder and take longer to arrange lending, but I still find it hard that it takes nearly 6 weeks to arrange for the tests. Although our cottage is 70 years old it got a (D) and doesn’t need the extensive survey. We will probably break even as opposed to making a profit all we hope for is a fair price as we’ve had it ten years and it was a ten year plan and would like whoever buys it to enjoy it as we have

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I did not have the diagnostic done until after I received the offer for my house and then it was arranged by the Notaire as part of the compromis in case the buyers decided to pull out withn the legal time frame plus there is also a time limit on the diagnostic paperwork too. Being on the mains there was also an inspection by Veolia as well to make sure all conformed. The eventual cost of the main diagnostic which took four hours of inspections and covered everything you could think of cost me over €900 for which the company who carried it out, waited for payment until the house was sold and the monies received.

New law that “should” be available when house placed on the market

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Obviously recently changed then. Even so, some things can’t be diagnosed like heat ratings if its the middle of the summer.

Quite agree and yet many agents still have properties for sale lacking the diagnostic report.

Isn’t that calculated from the size, construction of house and type of heat installation?

Yes, .

When we were selling/buying last year we saw properties described as not needing DPE as it was a holiday home and no bills were available. The “agents” stuck to the bullshit which was blatently a policy to catch unwary (british) people out. They didn’t enjoy being called out on it.


Thank you for your replies, we followed the rules for both Diagnostic and fosse septic all are correct and conforming, we would not sell it with any faults and expect the same then we can sleep at night