Selling one house and buying another

Hi having owned our holiday home in France for just over five years (and this is only a thought) if we’re to sell it and buy another holiday home in France, our main home is in the UK. What is the situation regarding capital gains and social taxes. Ours is around €99,000 including agents fees and the other one is €120,000. Having done most of the renovation on ours we cannot claim for much of it. The electrics have been checked and the fosse complies

As a second home you’re liable to capital gains tax in France - if you’ve had a gain that is! You may also be liable for CGT in the UK (if you’re UK resident) based on your tax situation there i.e. the difference between the prevailing French and UK rates. You won’t pay twice, just the higher of the 2 rates less anything paid in France - if you get me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Calculator here : French CGT Calculator