Selling out-of-date food products?

I’m just wondering whether there are laws relating to stores selling out-of-date food products? At least Intermarche are offering price reductions on such items. But -30% on jars of sauce dated 8 months ago?

I imagine it is only a problem if it is not made clear the bbd is 8 months ago, after all consumers are adults and can decide for themselves. I don’t suppose that it matters much how old something like Worcestershire sauce is, it would be a bit different if it were mince.


There are so many things where the bbd is a random pick and not at all relevant - honey for example :smiley:


One day past the BBD means it’s “off” according to my OH :zipper_mouth_face:

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So do you not eat the cheese in your fridge when it might have gone past its bbd?
Best Before is totally different from eat by.
BBD is part of the mountain of food waste and you really should differentiate between the two.

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I did ask whether anyone knew the law on this.

There are two dates:

DLC : date limite de consommation or use by date
DLUO : date limite d’utilisation optimale or best before date

It is illegal to put food that has passed it’s DLC on sale as this is an issue of food safety. As for the DLUO as Vero says, it’s up to the buyer to decide if reduction is worth it.

There are many things in my cupboards that get eaten way beyond the DLUO…


We have occasional conversations which run “have we got X? Yes there’s a jar in the cupboard. OK, hummm, it expired in 2008!”.

Some things I would not buy even before the “Sell by” date but, seriously, a sealed jar of cooked sauce is going to be fine even 8 months after.

I guess, as Véro said - as long as it is clear that they are “expired” products at a discount I’m not sure there’s a problem.


Dans le cas de denrées alimentaires microbiologiquement très périssables, la DDM est remplacée par une date limite de consommation (DLC). La denrée ne peut plus être commercialisée au-delà de cette date et est susceptible de présenter un risque en cas de consommation. La DLC indique une limite impérative.25 juin 2020

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Date limite de consommation (DLC) et date de durabilité minimale (DDM) : ce que vous devez savoir |

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