Selling property

Hi, we've been trying to sell our property in L'Ain for 2 years now, to no avail. We've used local agents, paid and unpaid online agents, social media and le bon coin. I can't understand why nothing is happening. Are other people having the same problem? Does anyone have any advice?

I'll second Pip there Michelle. I bought THIS domain name a while back and it has been used to advertise a couple of properties.

It does not sell houses but serves to generate interest only.

When a house is sold I just throw together a different design and chuck the next one up but as the basic reason for the domain name never changes, Google likes it.

With sites like GoDaddy offering sites and hosting for very little money what do you have to loose?

Give Pips mate a call if you just want somebody to 'make it happen'.

I agree that it appears to be a lottery. I can only add that those that sell quickly appear to be those with little or no family accoutrements to personalise the place. Just look at any interiors magazine. They all look like show houses.

That said, you still need good marketing. Not necessarily aggressive, but consistent and persistent.

Also to think about is: go with too many agents or notaries and then it seems like you're desperate to sell and so every potential buyer shys away wondering what's wrong with your property.

I have friends in Graulhet with a house that's been on the market for over 3 years. It's with multiple agents and sadly they can't see the problem and are so entrenched they're no longer taking advice from anyone either.

Are other houses around you selling ? Is the price right ?

I sold a house here in St Just just before Christmas in 2/3 weeks, other properties have been on the market for 2/3 years and their prices have steadily been dropping to 70/75% of the original asking pricewhich makes me think they were overpriced to start with. I use ERA who sent 3 valuations based on 3 different methods and I went for an average of the 3.

Good Luck anyway

You could try your own website.

Links with immo sites will be good for a Google search plus of course if you have a Facebook page. And take lots and lots of pictures, best with a sunny background, and then get them made up into a video you put on youtube.

I know someone who does this sort of work and is good at it to. He doesn't need to visit, he just needs the pictures and he does the rest.

Don't forget that you are marketing your property to multi languages so for the UK a, for the States a .com and for France a .fr.

Message me private for the guys telephone number and email address if interested.