Selling rural property and SAFER

We have been lucky enough to sell our rural property with land approx 30 acres does anyone know exactly what we have to be aware of with SAFER. I know law changed 2015 and notaire says on compris de vente must put to be sold as whole otherwise SAFER can buy partial land and there is nothing we can do about it, do we need to show this as clause suspensive .Also agent says if SAFER want they have to pay full price and we can refuse if they offer lower however I believe that then means we lose our buyer and cannot sell again for 5 years Has anyone recently sold rural property who could maybe advise as this is causing me a lot of stress

I think rural properties with land over a certain size have to be offered to SAFER and they have two months to decide whether to buy or not but you can pay a fee to speed up the process, your Notaire and Agent should have explained this clearly to you before the CdV was signed.

Thank you we know about the 2 mths but what we were unsure of is if they just want a piece of land can they do this even though compris de vente says property must be sold as whole
as for paying the fee agent has advised poss not worth it because it’s still up to them if they reply quickly or not and by all accounts they can get a bit peeved if they think you want to rush it through

I agree Carol, we have a client whose buyer is desperate to complete by the end of next month so has paid a fee to speed things up but in reality it will still take two months. If it’s any comfort SAFER only intervene in around 1400 sales every year out of annual property sale transactions of 1 million so I wouldn’t worry too much, just let things take their natural course.

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Thank you again for your advice

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The SAFER has the right to intervene in a sale by law. If none of your neighbours is interested in your land, then the SAFER might not intervene. The SAFER has to pay the same price like the buyers. Within 2 weeks of the offer the SAFER has to come to a decision. In any case you better drink a cup of tea and relax!

thank you for your reply I have delved as far as I am able as to what SAFER can and cannot do but I am still unsure about their new rules of 2015 whether they can still take a portion of land even if a clause suspensive saying we wish to sell property as a whole is inserted in the compris de vente of course I realise that hopefully noone will want to preempt the sale but for 2 months I think I will be living in a darkened room on a few gallons of tea!

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Enjoy the sunshine while you can! SAFER people only work 32 hours a week and do not let this rob your quality of life!

No you are right, they are only hopefully a passing problem and who could complain when we have this superb weather sit back and enjoy is my new mantra.