Selling UK reg car in France

Does anyone know of any web sites where I can put my UK registered, right hand drive, Citroen Picasso up for sale. Obviously I will have a lot more chance of selling it through an expat site. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

There’s always the dreaded AngloInfo, though I have a feeling that it’s NW France only so if you are further south it might not work…

leboncoin is used by all and sundry… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

or ask around where you live… for a local site…

EDIT: Just a thought but, often, where there is a plethora of Brits… there will be a café or somesuch which is “haunted” by such souls… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

whatever, best of luck…

Thanks :pray:, I’ll give it a try

Shamelessly trying to hijack the thread… I’m soon going to have to sell a French-registered but right-hand-drive car.
Any tips?
Will dealers accept it in part-exchange?

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If you’re prepared to buy a car… I can’t see many Dealers worrying about the car you are trading in… they’ll probably be only too happy to oblige… :upside_down_face: :wink:

and there are folk on this forum who prefer RHD in France (me too, but I’m not shopping)

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Back in the dim and distant mists of time I was selling 2nd hand cars and always had a max part exchange figure built into the advertised price.

Thus, even 3 legged bangers with no engine could be taken. :wink:

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Maybe a garage that specialises in RHD Geof, there’s one near Lyon that advertises in Connexion. I just cut an pasted his ad below. No idea what he’s like. I wouldn’t say mainstream dealers here would be too keen, too hard to move the car on. I tried with a French registered RHD Golf and in the end I took it back to the UK, reregistered it (all done in one day, unlike here) and traded it in for a LHD I’d ordered for export. Painless.

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Hi Elizabeth… it’s still on UK plate then ???
that could be more of a drawback than RHD… perhaps why you’re not registering it here…

Any chance of it going back to UK and selling there???

I talked through a deal last autumn with Gary which involved taking my RHD Audi for LHD Renault Talisman …seemed OK, but as they say in the trade I think he had “a lot in the motor”, but he seemed easy to deal with.
Don’t suppose it would be as easy or straightforward to order an export model to bring into France post transition?

I would recomend taking it back to the UK or turning it into a garden ornament.
I might be wrong but if you sell it here when a new owner tries to register here they will have to import it first and pay some 30% of its value in tax before they even think about immatriculation.
Pre Brexit you would have stood a chance but now it’s a non starter.
Sorry if it’s not what you want to hear and I stand corrected if I am wrong.

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I’d say the’s true John.

I just rang up UK VW export sales, they pointed me towards a really nice bloke, Graham Chapman, in Alan Day export sales on the North Circular Road. I described my wife’s RHD Golf GTD to him, we decided on a new LHD Tiguan spec together, he gave me a price and I paid a deposit. About three months later the Tiguan was ready, I popped over to the UK reregistered the Golf (using Alan Day’s address with their permission). The following day I pitched up, met Graham for the first time, he inspected the GTD, I inspected the Tiguan, we shook hands and off I went.

When I traded the Tiguan in here three years later I may have lost a bit because the UK spec didn’t align totally with the French specs, but it was probably buttons. My VW dealers here are very nice people too.

Don’t follow this or maybe I’ve misunderstood, if its been bought into France correctly, got carte grise why would there be a problem selling on in france to a buyer happy with rhd…still wanted by some Brits

But could this still be done as easily in today’s regulations

The first post confirms that the car is UK registered so it is a UK car which would have to jump through all the necessary hoops to get into the French system.
The only chance the poster has of selling it here is to someone who is moving back to the UK and to be honest if I were moving back I would wait and buy one in the UK.
We drove here for a number of years with re registered UK vehicles and always felt different and noticable as Brits but now we have French vehicles we feel we belong and dont stand out in a crowd, or traffic jam, not that I have ever seen any where we live :tractor::tractor: its these beasts that slow us down.

I’m not sure the tax would be as simple John. I’d paid VAT on the Golf, not TVA and I didn’t pay VAT on the Tiguan, just TVA. In fact when I was registering the Tiguan the local office (a sous prefecture no less) wouldn’t accept my export V5C equivalent. They were very off hand and dismissive. It took a big row :slightly_smiling_face: with the supervisor to make him phone his head office in Toulon. After the call he sidled out to me all shifty and gestured me to the end of the counter where through gritted teeth he climbed down and said it was valid. I have to admit I enjoyed that.