Semaine du Gout, Tasting Week: Know of any good ateliers (workshops) in your region?

Hi Everyone, sorry for the repeat if you received this message in your inbox. 
This week is Semaine du Gout in France.
It is the 23rd year of promoting taste, awareness and discovery of food and wine. There are at least 500 restaurants in France offering special taste meals. There are also lots of workshops in villages and towns offering special "Semaine du Gout" discovery sessions. Here is a link to a website about this week. It contains list of workshops too: If you know of something "Semaine du Gout" extraordinary that is being held in your area, do not hesitate to share with the group. This week is a wonderful opportunity to meet people who are passionate about 'taste', food, wine, food culture, food history. Also, most schools offer unique cantine meals this week and do taste events geared to children. It is a great opportunity to ask your child what they learning about taste and connect it with eating and savoring food on the home table.
As always, Bon Appetit! Mary Brighton