Sending Parcel to UK

Went to La Poste to send small parcel to UK, knowing we now needed a form, clerk said they had to be down loaded over Internet, I can’t find them.
Does anyone have the link or a PDF to mail me via SF?

I think it’s a form CN23 you need. It’s on the La Poste website here - but it is very well hidden!


And here’s explanation of what to do

On the first screen you normally click no.

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I’m just about to go out and buy some of those “document included” transparent wallets to stick the 2 copies of the form in. As Jane suggests, putting “no” on the first screen makes things a lot simpler. I got in a right knot after clicking “yes” :smiley:

Weirdly the form is in about 5 different places on the laposte site, and some versions produce the barcode at the end and some produce the form to print out.

I always use this link as it always seems to give the barcode, which I can then get my postmaster in the village to sort out when I take the parcel in.

Thanks to all for help, think I’ve done it ok…present to daughter expecting first baby so Mrs Strudball now happy bunny!
Two observations…if you use Google auto translate it might not be possible to get the destination country field to work (so just disable for this field), and the form automatically printed to A4 which was too big, so went into paper size on printer setting and used A5…printed OK.

So interesting to see if it gets there OK and how long.
…oh …the joys of Brexit, a (Xmas time ) present that keeps on giving that won’t affect 99% of leave voters…grump grump

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Just so. The woman who said she voted leave “Because Swansea has been having a hard time” will have been blissfully oblivious to everything that has happened since.

I got a note from a pal in Spain yesterday. The guy he works for, with small building projects, is going to have to vacate the premises on/before 31st March - his 90 days will be up. So Jon’s income stream will go down instanter.

As he says, there’ll be ‘a rat-run’ of those whose 90 day clock started ticking on 1st Jan. They won’t be allowed back till 1st July. I would guess there are a great many more of those in ES than FR. Living under the radar in ES, especially on the costas, was easy.

The woman at the post office gives them to me…whoops should I have bought them?

But why don’t under the radar people just fess up and become properly resident, or go back to UK and get long stay visas for 99€? (Except probably not quite yet as travel back is banned for visitors).

When I last posted a parcel, they put my form in a wallet but I thought I could do it all myself without bothering them if I had a stash - however, my trip to the post office just now was abortive as there were none for sale. They’ve clearly got them all under the counter :rofl:

I would imagine Jane because they want to live on the cheap, earn cash and contribute nothing to the country they have chosen to live in.

But that was then. And this is now. And the world has changed so they are now risking more than a recommendation to go back to the UK…