Sending prescription medication to UK

Has anyone experience of sending prescription meds in the post from France to UK, post Brexit? My wife’s had to extend her stay in Englanf to deal with an urgent family issue and there is a real chance she will run out of meds, a number of which she needs to treat a chronic illness.
Yes, she had a French EHIC card and there is a doctor’s practice where she is staying, but getting an appointment is a different matter (and the £200 it will cost for the meds on the NHS- dont get me started…)
So if i can get them dispensed here, can i post them to her, maybe by registered post so that they have to be signed for?
All help appreciated.

Scan and email her prescription and she can ask for am emergency supply at a chemist - if there is one her family uses regularly that would be best. See here:

You should be able to get the cost reimbursed.

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I wonder if things have changed since Brexit though? That document was issued in 2011.

Might be an idea to discuss at your local La Poste (method/packaging etc) … then if you have to send the medications, you’ll be ready to leap into action. (you might like to send some, just in case…)

Best of luck

This gov’t guidance was revised post Brexit and suggests still ok

As long as not liquids or controlled drugs then can put them in the post as they are not on the list of prohibited items.

Ah, good to know. Thanks, Jane.

Thanks all. As it turns out, one of the items we need is now a controlled drug in the UK and can’t be dispensed on an emergency basis, so she will have to go down the route of registering as a temporary patient with the local GP.
Thanks to all for your help