Senior Citizen Travel Card

Any of you “golden oldies” use one of these cards at the moment… could be a money saver for some folk…

The previous card never worked out a good deal as there were too many restrictions on the trains you could take and the prices for our usual journeys. It always seemed to end up that your discounted ticket would be the same price as the cheapest ticket you could get without a rail card. Perhaps the new one will work out better.

let’s hope so… it looks interesting, I would like to find someone who uses it… I’ll have to ask at the market on Saturday… always a good opportunity to catch up with folk who work during the week.

Stella, I have been using one for the years now and have always found a good saving particularly when traveling in first. You have to do a couple of trips to save the cost of the card- €60 but when on special as low as €39. Easy to obtain from the main station ticket machines. Take a passport size photo that the ticket office will stick to the card for you :blush:

How old do you have to be? I am looking forward to lots of cheap travel (one day) :blush:

As we are in Europe, an international senior card would be much more useful to me.
Once you try travelling over the French border, unless you are a tourist, the prices are astronomical.
It is incomprehensible as we are being discouraged from using our cars.
I do not like using airports either.

Thanks for the feedback William.

What sort of trips do you use your card for (where to… and where from… just a rough idea…)

would it be the sort of thing we could use for a way of discovering other parts of France …???

I think one of the benefits is that you can take several companions (carers :frowning: ) with you. I vaguely remember getting a good deal on Les Arcs Paris return in 1st on the TGV for myself, my daughter and her boyfriend by getting a Carte Senior even including the cost of the card. I then used it to go and see Neil Young in Marseilles - keep on rocking in the real World :notes:


Hi Stella, I live in Australia, emigrated from Gloucester in the early 70’s. I bought a house in Civray, Vienne so we use that as a jumping off point to visit the family in the UK. The train is great to get from CDG or Paris to our local station St Saviol, just North of Ruffec. Have to change at Poitier but that works most times. Also duck down to Aunguoleme and Bordeaux, up to Poitier and over to La Rochelle etc. I have been over to Limoges but I have to go via Aunguoleme or Poitier. Still a nice trip tho. Train from CDG is great as only just over 2 hours to Poitier and that would be a 4 hour drive and the tolls alone more than the train ticket. You can get the app which is great for booking, electronic ticket etc - My next trip is in 10 or so days and the train from CDG to my local station cost €45.90 First Class. My English friends in the village think I am nuts but it’s a great way to travel. We now have a service from Paris to Bordeaux that takes only 2 and a bit hours. I live in the small town of Civray, Vienne.

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