Sensory Garden

Hi All

When I'm not busy being an electrician, I'm also running our camel farm with my wife Sarah

Every year we like to add to the experience here, and this year we're building a live willow play area and house, alongside the sensory garden ( which has just 3 months to be built and established)

And so we were wondering please if any of you wonderful SFN members would help contribute your ideas to what a sensory garden will be like... we're thinking strong smelling herbs ( advice please)

We're thinking sounds... - again ideas please - this runs alongside a river and we're currently incorporating a waterfall

And of course touch...

Sadly due to French restrictions - we can't do a taste area!

Any ideas of things we can incorporate within this garden would be brilliant - thank you

Glad to hear it :-)

Hi Simon,

Sounds exciting - do you want to send me a message via SFN?




I am about to embark on a sensory garden

lets talk


Hi Paul, attached are 2 files: 1 first thoughts on a sensory garden and 2 an idea for a Rainbow garden - would need to be BIG and BOLD to make an impact though! Best wishes - Hilary

Hi Paul, Where are you based? I’m a landscape architect and could provide you with loads of ideas. It’s alright, don’t go eeek!! she’ll want paying!! I’ll try and put some ideas together over the weekend and I’ve almost certainly got books I could lend you, if you’ll pay the postage assuming you’re not close enough to me (Cher Dept 18) - let me know. Best wishes - Hilary