Septic tank for a gite

We are currently renovating a house to be used as a gite - 4 bedrooms -- and need to replace the septic tank to fit with the new regulations. The Mairie are chasing us to let them know what and when etc.

We installed a micro-station at our own house last year (Klaro Easy 8 -- seems to work wonderfully so far) but given the expense we like to find a more economical solution for the gite. The gite stands alone but with not much available land (garden probably 8m x 12m) so a sand filter or drainfield are not suitable and I'm not sure what system would work best. There is, however, drainage nearby which goes down into the woods.

We would also probably prefer to avoid having a system which requires a complex control panel.

So can anyone recommend an inexpensive microstation (size around 5 cubic metres) or similar system which is uncomplicated to install and run?

I know the WPL unit Now has full approval so can be installed in france, whereas the previous ones were not.

Thanks Andrew. I had, 2 years ago, favoured the WPL for our own house, but at the time we were not permitted to install that and rather than fight it we picked the Klaro as it was on our approved list locally. At the time I had long chats via email with WPL in the UK too.

Good to hear that they now have a network through France, and will have another look at the Diamond as it seems to have earned a good name in the UK.

Tks again


Keith, thank you very much for the clarification on the systems - very useful.

We got permission for the Klaro in our own house because we had intended to be here all year from now on, however our circumstances have changed and I'm aware that it could potentially be a problem, however we also have enough family & friends who will come and use the house even when we are abroad again. And our neighbours and local friends know that when they check the house from time to time they should flush the loos to help the system through any 'quiet' periods. Our neighbours also have an alert system to any power cuts as we have automatic exterior lights - so if these are not lit they know there's a power problem......fortunately in recent years our supply seems much more stable than in the past!

I think the T5 sounds ideal for the gite/rental house, so will now check with the chap from the assainissement locally. When we applied 2 years ago for the Klaro the approved list was very short - about 8 microsystems - but now it covers several pages of A4! So much has changed!


The link to WPL's French web site is on the Useful Links page (see above)


Look at the Useful Links page where there is a section, under PROPERTY, on septic tanks and micro-sewage systems..

Thanks Keith,

I have seen your website in browsing the net, and is one from which I have printed out info.

We had thought of doing holiday lets, but as my OH is on the point of accepting a job in the middle east for 5 years he has now decided we should let it long-term instead, so in theory it would be lived in all year ---- supposing there are not long periods between occupancies. There are 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, laundry and 2 bathrooms.

Our own error with choosing the Klaro Easy last year is that it is not suited to a holiday home, but at the time we thought we were going to be here for retirement....... now will have to get someone to come and live in the house while we're away!

We are over near Bourg-en-Bresse, by the way -- department 01, Ain. We have our own friendly paysagiste who installed the Klaro, so could install any other so long as instructions are available.

Which type would you recommend in the circumstances?