Septic Tank

Hello everyone......I've just bought a little house in Havrincourt in the Nord Pas de Calais.Anyone in this area? I need to do quite a lot of work.....including getting a new septic tank. Can anyone recommend a firm to do this, and what do I have to look out for?

Hi Dolores You may find the above link useful. These systems produce a treated effluent that is clean enough to discharge into a convenient ditch. Subject to SPANC approval of coursse.

Thanks........I was just wondering really if anyone could recommend a firm.......I will go to the town hall and ask there.x

Thanks......We do need to fit a new fosse septique according to the survey done on the property and as far are we are aware there is no mains drainage to our property.....we are the last house in a little village with fields all around! lol. I will go to the town hall and get everything.....and hopefully we can make a start this summer.x

Hi Dolores

There's a section on septic tanks in the Useful Links page It's under the Property sub-heading. There's a lot of basic info there.

Hi Dolores,

Forgive me if my first comment seems a bit insulting to your intelligence but do you need a new fosse septique or is it possible to be connected to mains drainage in Havrincourt? It's not uncommon for propriétaires to have retained their fosse rather than be connected "tout à l'égout" in order to avoid paying a recurrent annual cost for sewage. Check with the mairie to see if there is or is not a sewer outside your house. If you need to install a new fosse then you will need to complete a form which is called something like "demande pour installation/modification d'assainissement non collectif" which you then complete and submit to the local SPANC (Service pour l'assainissement non collectif) they are responsible for approving the design of any system and if you wish you can seek their advice as to the most appropriate solution for your house.