Serious Rain at Last!

Thank goodness - just getting a really good, long downpour. We haven’t had rain for weeks and so many trees and bushes were beginning to look really vulnerable. September is always a treacherous month for us. Somehow our garden gets itself through hot Julys and Augusts but then just gives up the fight in a dry September.
I’ll be able to do some weeding in a day or so when it’s all soaked in.
And our guests even managed to get in the pool earlier - hardy types!

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Not Finns are they? image


No - German - much the same!

Germans Christmas


really? the ladies still have their tops on :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We thought we were going to but all there has been so far is the odd 5 minutes of nice rain which barely dampens the surface and then just clouds! We are desperate, I’ve never seen the lawn so totally brown even a few years ago when it didn’t rain for a few months it wasn’t this bad. I really can’t remember when we had decent rain that actually wet the soil.

@toryroo Oh that’s so frustrating isn’t it when the clouds roll up and all you get is a few drops! Yes, this year’s been really bad. I would say before yesterday we hadn’t had proper rain for four months.

We’ve had a couple of downpours over the last couple of weeks, we really needed them as the fish in the river were getting thirsty

I know - and the stupid thing was I kept not hanging the washing out! I have now done so so fingers crossed it will pour down!!! I just stuck my finger in the soil under my bottlebrush and it is totally dry so as suspected the few drops we’ve had have done nothing even if the road / terrace has looked damp.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: poor buggers!

Here in 71 there is a battle going on between the vignerons and the agriculteurs.
The vignerons shoot canons into clouds to prevent hail and the agriculteurs are saying that they are warding off much needed rain.
Strangely, they have just had the vendange and it has started to rain!

Of course as I was going to pick up DS3 it started to really rain, just when the washing would have been dry too!!! It is now in the dryer!

The rain was so violent on the D14 just now on my way back from work that I had to stop on the side of the road along with everyone else - it was hurling it down so hard the windscreen wipers were of no use at all. I got home to my hill and not a drop has fallen…

Ha - reminds me of my parent’s first car (which they couldn’t drive but I could as had passed my test) - an old Ford Anglia 100E with vacuum windscreen wipers… Huge downpour and the bloody things couldn’t cope so had to pull over and wait it out…
Happy days!

What are those? Do they slurp up the water? Oo-er

Bleeding useless things… American idea IIRC

Hubby just got back from Bergerac and said it was unbelievably heavy, you must have been in the same storm. We had an hour or so of the steady rain but nothing like that!