Sets of Circular Knitting Needles

Can anyone help me please?
I have decided to invest in a set of circular knitting needles, but they all seem to be for thick yarn, the smallest needle size being 3.50 mm.
Dos anyone know of a brand which has finer needles and smaller cables please?

Knit pro start at 3mm. Not many others make less than 3mm.

Addi do small sizes for lace knitting. the small circulars do not have interchangeable tips

Thanks Karen, I will have a look.

I started with addi’s, bought a knit pro once, which broke during delivery, so decided against any wooden needles. I now use hiyahiya circular needles. They are by far the best. Very sharp, very thin cables, and start at 1.25 mm, maybe even smaller. You can start with a kit or buy everything individually, interchangeable or solid. They even sell 9” sock size!