Setting up as an auto-entrepreneur and materntiy - timescales


I’m trying to work out if it is worth my while to set up as an auto-entrepreneur (starting now from point zero!) if I would have to stop working to go on maternity leave in mid-October? And potentially not have any work for at least 6 months after that? I would have full time work until mid-October. I am not sure how long it would take to set up, and if there is a minimum number of hours worked/minimum contributions before I’d qualify for any of the benefits - particularly healthcare. Does anyone have any advice?


Hi, I might do that do this year and I am French if you need help. I didnt’ know neither what to do even if everyone says it’s easy!
I contacted my “Mairie” city hall and have an appointment with a lady that will explain me exactly.
If you want to chat with me about it please send an email and we might be able to help each other.
I live in Paris, and you?

Thanks Suzanne! Useful info and I’ll check out the link you provided. I think I have managed to sort out healthcare and maternity via my old NI contributions, just getting that paperwork done now, so it’s just a case of having a bit of income now and having the setup in place for when I want to go back. As long as the setup costs aren’t huge or the process complicated (which it sounds as if it’s not) then it seems worthwhile getting started. Thanks!

Hi Mary

AE registration is really quick & easy following which you immediately have healthcare, so you have nothing to lose if you are going to have a business even if you have to take a break part way through the year.

Will you be employed by a single client from now till Mid-Oct? Under AE you are supposed to have a number of clients but of course when you are only starting then you could have 1 initial client whilst being available to others…

I’m not sure if you will qualify for maternity unless you already have rights which are transferrable from previous employment in France/UK or other EU country?

It wouldn’t be a problem having no income for 6m as you don’t have to de-register for ages after 6m and presumably you would then look for more clients & start up havign income again.

I would recommend you join as Valerie is an expert in everything AE and could probably advise you better.

Good Luck