Setting Up Payroll in France

Does anyone know of a company/accountant in France that could set up payroll for the salary I will receive from a UK company, who could let me know what the costs would be in tax/social security to me and the company and sort out the admin on a monthly/annual basis?

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If you google something like externalisation paie you will find numerous companies offering this service. Prior to that you will have the embauche process to go through, employment contract and occupational risk assessment and obligatory medical with the médecin du travail etc. You may find one company that will handle it all. As always it is a good idea to ask several companies for their prices first and compare.



do you mean to ask

What needs to be organized with France, if I am to I get paid by a UK company???


As @smw alludes to… it isn’t clear what it is you seek to achieve.
Why do you feel you need to set up any sort of structure in France if all you will be doing is receiving income (in whatever format) from the UK? Won’t the UK company handle things like payroll, taxes and NICs according to how those payments to you are structured in the UK.
Why seek to complicate matters? If you become a France resident, you will be required to complete a French Tax return each year and will be subject to analysis of your world-wide income by the French fisc according to their rules. Will the funds be paid to you in Sterling or Euro? If Sterling, you will need to use whatever mechanism is appropriate to report your income in Euro on your French Tax return. Are you seeking somehow to mitigate your tax burden overall in some way (it won’t be easy :wink:) As an example, and I don’t see this any differently tbh, we are paid 4 pensions between us (2 in Sterling and two in Euro from HMG based on £/€ forex rate at the time of payment) and that requires no special arrangements or structures whatsoever. If it’s because you feel compelled to have a formal employment structure in France for residency (CdS) purposes then I think you may be mistaken. All you will need to do if required to satisfy the ability of self sufficiency it to provide the appropriate documentary evidence of where your income is coming from. You will need to examine the cost of healthcare of course and to all intents and purposes, the days of just registering as an ME in order to access the French healthcare system with no significant income have long gone.
Or have we missed some other vital point :thinking:

I have a little experience of employing French residents.
Employees of a uk company who live and work in France cannot be paid through a uk payroll except for posted workers and that will not be possible after brexit.
The question as asked sounded to me as if Rod Webb is aware of this and knows what he is asking.



I’ll send you a private message tomorrow about this.


You need to read this thread in the context of another with addidional information

Exactly that, thank you. My understanding is that to receive a salary from a UK company as a French resident, the company will need to set up a
French payroll and obviously pay my social security. The suggestion that I’m trying to mitigate tax is laughable; the social security will cost the company about 30% of my salary, compared to 13.8% in the Uk, but it’s what you have to do, as I understand it,

I had thought I could set myself up as an Auto Entrepreneur and invoice the company, but that won’t work if I’m only invoicing the UK company and don’t have other clients.

Are there no accountancy firms in France who can manage this for clients?

I never said that… Thread muted.

Many thanks Stella.

Any recommendations would be great. I’ve been searching on the internet, and there are loads of bilingual companies it seems that can do all of this (looked up English speaking Accountants) but it’s always nice to have a recommendation or two, from people who already use these services. :slight_smile:

I think in France people still like to work locally, so it might be easier when we’ve decided, finally, between Charente and Normandy. :slight_smile:

Waiting for a reply… hopefully back to you tomorrow

I may have misunderstood what you’re asking, but it sounds to me as though your employer doesn’t currently conduct business in France. If so, you could benefit from reading about the service available from the National Centre for Non-French Companies

Exactly. Some years ago I had our tax advisors, KPMG, explore my options to try and accommodate a valued employee who wanted to work from France, but remain on our local payroll. He was already working remotely and I had no problem where he was based. KPMG advised me that the only three options were for him to come back home, to transfer to our French organisation or for me to send him on assignment to France. He didn’t want to join the French firm and I considered the cost of assignment unjustifiable, so he came home (with his French wife).