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I’ve set up an account with SFR and I think I have a phone line installed although the English speaking customer service person wasn’t and a lot of the French was too quick and too much about techy info which I’d struggle with in any language! The next step apparently was to await delivery of a router which was (I think !) being sent to a nearby tabac, as a delivery point, but I was beginning to lose the plot at that time. However. I had to come back from France and have subsequently put my head in the sand about it all though I get regular emails with offers etc. I’m not sure where this is all up to now and would really like to find a company that will take it all on , see where it’s up to and get it all sorted. Any advice much appreciated
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Hi @AnnMaria - just contact SFR. I’m guessing the router is either still at the delivery point (tabac) or it’s been returned to SFR. As your line hasn’t been activated you’re probably not being charged. If that’s the case then just start again using their website.

First : Click here to test the services available at your address

SFR may not be your best bet…but if it is then…


Many thanks for your response Simon. I can see that the phone line has been activated but I can’t grasp where the box might be now and I’m wary of calling again and trying to resolve this on the telephone. Do you know of any services that will pick this up for me if I forward my emails? I wish I’d done this in the first place but thought I could manage :frowning:


Ann-Maria - I think your best best is to get a French speaker to call SFR on your behalf.

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Is it still possible to speak to a real person when dealing with SFR?
I’m at the end of my rope with them, for various reasons…I want to leave, but want to tell them why before I do.

I have every sympathy with your situation, Bob, but if you want to speak to someone about shoddy service I suggest you save your breath. Just do what they advise about closing your account, draw a line under the whole affair, and save yourself grey hairs. They don’t care what you think IMO.

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Yes Bob it is, I had some problems and telephoned and they were sorted out by a ‘real person’. If you have a SFR shop in any of your shopping areas they will also oblige … :smile:

My other question for the panel this evening is
“Is it possible to have a contract these days, that includes phone & Internet, & NOT all the tv malarkey that goes along with it ?”

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:joy::rofl: of course it is… if TV and all that malarkey is not available (like here) you don’t have to pay for it - yippee :wink:

Can you point me in the right direction Stella ?

Hate to say it but I have a package that includes Internet, home telephone and mobile phone from … SFR :crazy_face:

Bob - here’s one from Bouygues…14,99€ / month for the first 12 months

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Does Bob have Fibre capacity though ? It doesn’t exist here but the offer looks interesting …

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We have the Bouygues €14.99 contract. It can be Fibre or ADSL, same price for either.

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we are in the process of testing out the Bouygues 4G offering which is currently under offer at the moment (subject to availability in your location) which will cost us 49€/month after the first year for unlimited internet access. We also have 2 mobile accounts which, with 20 Go/month, cost us 4.99€ each/month.
There is also a 100€ remboursement available until 23 July 2019:

details here

Bouygues does seem very popular, but I thought access was / is difficult here.
Thank you for the replies…the moment for reflection has arrived.

Test here

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