Settled status

Apparently the app, indeed the whole process, is having teething problems which the HO are not being totally transparent about.

The Home Office is just not fit for purpose.
David Lamy MP had a pop at the Home Secretary today about deporting more ‘Windrush’ evacuees today under the guise that they were ‘criminals’…

Depends on the purpose that you had in mind, I suppose :thinking:

Some were criminals and under the indefinate right to stay scheme they know that they are liable to be sent back if they commit criminal offences.The same as you could be if you commit criminal offences in France or many other countries. Why is this any different?

After the Windrush scandal surely an exception could have been made for the tiny number of people involved, many of those being deported have no connections with Jamaica etc and will leave behind children who are British, sledgehammer to crack a very small nut IMO.