Sewing/crafting chest?

Anyone come across anything like this in France?

I’ve just seen one similar in an article in the Guardian and I would love to have something like this to sort out my sewing and crafting bits and pieces.

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Meubles de Mercerie are what you’re after - and I hope you have deep pockets. They only ones I’ve seen in France have been between 1500€ and 5000€ …

They are very fine though, aren’t they?


[1930s Double Flip Up Cabinet as876a854 - Antiques Atlas]

I remember these in the local Drapers back in the 50’s and early 60’s


Gulp! May need to win Euromillions first. :roll_eyes:

I’ve been looking out for an affordable one for over 8 years…

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I also lusted after that :rofl:

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Standard haberdashery shop fitting. Good luck finding it now it’s got all trendy.

I suggest if you’re willing to pay some extra charges for getting it to here, you look where you used to live! ie non-Anglo countries

A quick search on LBC turns up a few varied results. You could try a similar search within say a 100kms of Bergerac?

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I have my knitting paraphernalia in a wardrobe and yarn in deep polythene tubs from Ikea.
I do my jigsaws on a special mat on my desk, which I also use for sewing.

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My mother was a superb seamstress/tapestry crafter. There was a room in her house dedicated to her needlework.

She had a beautiful mahogany chest with brass fittings for her threads. It was about 50cms W x 40 cms H with 7-8 drawers. Each drawer was filled with neat rows of bobbins of silks and cottons of different shades of colours with a drawer for tools at the top.

I put it on eBay, complete with the contents of the drawers. It sold for £160. The value of the threads probably well exceeded that.

The person who bought it wrote to me. It turned out that he worked in the costume dept of the Glyndebourne Opera. He said that the actual object far exceeded their expectations, particularly the collection of bobbins and that they were thrilled to have it as part of their kit.

I like to think that this little chest of drawers will serve at Glyndebourne for as long as the cabinet is cared for. I’m certain that my mother would approve of its role.

I have wondered, from time to time, if Glyndeborne would allow a small brass plaque on the top, in memory of my mother.

In the far distant past, some 65 years ago, I made a case in woodwork ‘class’ for my fly-tying kit. Proper dovetail joints on the corners, a removable drawer over half the base, elastic tapes on the inside of the lid for flat packets of feathers and a brass articulating arm to hold the lid up.

I still have it tho’ after some years ‘hors de combat’ I opened it up to find that the only things left that had not been turned to dust by moths were the hooks.


Might i suggest a browse on this site -
for all sorts of things, many which you never knew you needed anyway!

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