SF Super - Forecasters, you read it here first!

But stop the waffle, cut to the chase and see how @Jane_Jones has delivered le coup d’envoi for us, with her startling prediction that we shall all rue the day we did what we ought not to have done, didn’t do what we should have done, fouled out own nest, and thought and talked to much and too superficially about thick cream and disputed cart-tracks!

So let’s unleash our unmatched prognosticative potential in this New Johnsonian époque, by showing WE have what it takes to weirdly re-vision our society and purge it of morons and people who think they should fit in with usual norms of thought and behaviour.

Let’s pull Greta Thunberg’s pigtail!

Let’s have your blue-sky forecasts and out-of-the-box predictions to be published here, and now!

Who will be first? I would have suggested Jeanette, but I fear she may have been washed away. But she will be back before Mid Summer’s Day, I feel it in my waters, and no pantalon-by-night jibes if you please.

Dear Peter,

I think your seriously intentioned super-forecasting request may be undermined by the dubious credibility of the high, yet shallow profile of a self-styled ‘super-forecaster’ (who may have begun super-forecasting before he started shaving).

The more I learn about this young man, the more sinister and opportunistic the Johnson regime appears. It’s Trump-lite on steroids, (apologies for mixing drink and drug metaphors). One can only hope that someone will permanently nail the superforecaster’s scrotum (and those of his former employers) to the pavement in Parliament Square.

Thank God I live in France.


@DrMarkH do you mean that ghastly little tick Sabisky ? I think he is utterly eaten up with incel rage and chip-on-shoulderishness, he is a loathsome and very dangerous creep.


Given Ciara and Denis when I saw super forecaster on the BBC website I thought they meant for the weather,watch out Tomasz Schafernaker

Let’s GET Scrotum-Nailing DONE! :hammer::hammer::hammer:

Apparently they were already ignoring him and I heard that some more of his ilk are acting as snoops within their Ministries and are also being ignored.
Oh the ignominy!

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So much for being a Super-Forecaster. Sabisky didn’t see that one coming!


Bring back Malcolm Tucker. :grin:

I think you’re being quite kind there Véronique.