SFN Chat gets facelift

Good news! Today we upgraded our chat application. If you regularly use chat, you'll probably find the new chat more friendly and reliable:

• Easy to find: You'll find the new chat in your browser window's footer. Click on it and start chatting (click again to close it).

• More responsive: It should snap to attention and respond to your commands better than the old chat.

• Better technology: It's not Flash-based anymore, so it will even work on some mobile devices.

• New sounds and notifications: You can turn those off if you want. You'll also see a visual notification when new messages are posted.

• Ignore people: Choose who you want to chat with — or click the "Ignore" button. It's up to you.

• Pop it out: Need more space to chat? Pop it out into its own window.

Give the new chat a try!



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