SFN lunch in Bordeaux 2024

I’m glad someone got the reference. Not just Germany but also Sweden and our corner of France :slightly_smiling_face:. We watch it with friends every (ish) year.

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I had more in mind ‘East of Neasden’ starring Spike Milligan. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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So was that a second Krakatoa? And if so, how many others were there?

Krakatoa SSE of Bangalore*?* Krakatoa, Just a Bit Due West of Jakarta?

Krakatoa, a Very Long Way from Bordeaux.! (back on thread, sort of)

And yet…

On firmer ground, after the original Krakatoa explosion, a giant dust cloud travelled around the globe for a year or so and one of the side effects was spectacular sunsets in France, one consequence of this (putting on art historian’s hat, or bonnet) was Monet’s stunning series of paintings of the same view of the façade of Rouen cathedral in differing lighting conditions.

This is a simple link for anyone unfamiliar with these works


The film with the famously wrong title was “Krakatoa, East of Java”:

Geographically speaking, Krakatoa is of course to the west of Java in the straits between Java and Sumatra.


North and east is as bad as west for maximum numbers, how about bang in the middle, say Bourges? :thinking: :grinning:

Further for me than Bordeaux but my circumstances might have changed by the next time.

I had wondered about Bourges, but inconvenient for almost everyone except Wozza and me. :smile:

At least no-one has mentioned Marseille.
Assault rifles handed out at the door. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Beginning to sound like you could do a sort of “royal progress” round the country visiting your subjects. :grin:


Very pleasant around the old port these days and a great venue for rugby.

Very anodyne now and most of the family fish restaurants have gone. The panier is just airbnbs and little else. But Cosquer is fun.

That’s almost the same time of journey for me as Bordeaux!!!

Cosquer as in Brittany or as in Marseille?

EDIT: Sorry - just noticed it was an earlier post of John’s you were replying to! Cosquer Marseille it is…

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So you’re asking someone who has invited you for lunch near their house/work to move their house/work to make it more convenient for you?

Unfortunately too true.
I think we need to see if there is a me u and cook something from that.

Where on earth did that come from? I merely named a town that was the most central to everybody, and which is, in fact, further away from where I live, not nearer or more convenient. :roll_eyes:

Makes no difference to me, I’m tied to this place, I’m not going anywhere and thus matters not a jot to me where everybody else goes. .


Maybe you and Warren (and OHs) should come to dinner at our place, since we’re probably half way between. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Myself & OH are about 2hours drive south of Bourges in 03 near Vichy. We have visited the town a few years back.

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Hi Caz, while Bourges is a nice idea, I’ve a feeling it’s in the wrong place for everyone. :wink: