SFN lunch in Bordeaux (June)


As it's a good excuse for a day off, who would like to meet up for lunch with Catharine and me in Bordeaux one day towards the end of the month?


Would've liked to be there, but as I said to Catherine on FB I'm in Portugal till 04/07, if it comes about again in September will try to be there

I will come, let me know the time and place. It will be great to meet you in person.

Sounds like a good idea Catherine - look forward to it and meeting fellow parents !

Fine by me, I have my appointments in the first half of August and will be allowed to drive again by then.

We will definitely do one on a non Wednesday come September as I appreciate Wednesdays are not ideal. That day is just about the only free day I have between now and September - sorry fellow parents!

I need to get letters from my neurologist and orthopedic's man for the insurance before I can drive again, OH can't because we have the girls off on Wednesdays and who have judo classes at different times in the afternoon. Would be there for sure but am scuppered.

Hélas - have just seen is a Wednesday. Can't do it because of the kids. What a shame.

Very nice, indeed, but a little too far away.

Or this one - lunchtime menu is a real bargain at 16€ and the view is heavenly. Excellent food. Easy parking.


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27th is good for me James. There is a nice restaurant just behind Merignac airport, so, easy for the rocade. It has an outdoor shaded area and rustique inside. That's if you prefer easy in and out. It's on here:


Otherwise there are lots in Bordeaux, there is a good Indian in the centre and any other sort of restaurant you could want.

Bollocks, I'm working. Finish on the 29th evening for two weeks :)

Hi James - sorry cannot do 27th. No school for the kids on Wednesdays and my son has golf "passage des Drapeaux" that day

Will check with my Judith and get back - thanks, James!

Date set for Wednesday 27th June, please let me know in the comments if you can make it



No idea for a venue, open to suggestion, I 'll confer with C when she gets back as to dates.

What a nice idea - I'm only 40 mins from Bordeaux, what date are you thinking of? The sales start on June 27 by the way!

Would LOVE to but sorry, we're far too busy this month and I could not disappear for a day.

Nice idea James. I'm quite flexible so do you have any ideas for venue and days?

Depends on dates James, but would love to. If only I had an accountant in Bordeaux. Or an accountant for that matter.