SFN members - Mrs H needs your help!

This is a shameless appeal for help. So please read on, and rack your brains to see if you think any of your friends, family or neighbours might be able to assist....

One of my design students, Bertrand, needs to do a 6 month internship in an ENGLISH speaking country starting in early March 2015. Bertrand needs to be placed in a design agency, ideally one that deals with packaging and branding. He had a placement sorted pout in Canada but if fell through last week so we are really up against it.

I've known Bertrand for three years and can vouch for him both professionally and personally. He is absolutely lovely, really conscientious and I know he'll fit in well anywhere. There must be someone out there who has some contacts!

If you do know of anything / anyone, please send them my way and I'll put them in touch. Thank you very much!

Catharine x

Wendy - I am so sorry somehow with the Christmas madness I missed your post. YES PLEASE!!!! We are getting desperate here. I've emailed one of David's contacts yesterday drawn a blank with contact details for the other - Bertrand heard back from one last Canadian possibility yesterday and it was a no, so I got a very panic stricken email late last night. Au secours everyone....if I had more time I could get on the phone but I'm off out in a minute and not back until 7.30 tonight and that's going to be the case for the next ten days :(

So if anyone else has any ideas.....

Last home number I had for him!

Ok brill thank you. Is that a home or work number?

Catherine- I don't know where my contact is working now but he is called Matt Tidman 0044208737159- your contact may mention my name and give my regards to Matt please. Seymour Powell are a top firm!

Hi again and thank you all for your input to date. Bertrand says Seymour Powell is the kind of agency he dreams of working at....has your contact def gone David? Any thoughts?

Sorry but I will never do this again. I too thought I knew a young French guy and happily recommended him to friends in Australia. Turned into a totzl Tosser when he left French shores and thought he was God's own gift tot eh girls. Had his own appartment in my friends large house, which he proceeded to turn into a tip.

Fortunately Aussies being Aussies they forcibly introduced him to soap and water and its multiplicity of uses, and were duly 'forgiving' and he was duly 'contrite' (apparently). However, I haven't heard from my friends since, and I don't blame them as I put them in a bad situation, and they had trusted my word.

As I say, never again.

London graphics based in kilburn London. Speak to robin hill

I have a client in a French agency (Pueblo), he may know of someone...let me know if you'd like me to ask him if he has any UK/US agencies...I'm pretty sure he will have.

He could try Seymour Powell at London SW18 but my contact there seems to have left). I also have a contact in the Taunton area. I assume he has an EU passport!

Have you tried posting this to Americans in France? There's a possibility someone in the group has contacts in the U.S. who could help Bertrand.