SFN NEWSLETTER Saturday 15th May

(James Higginson) #1

I was really hoping that we’d have got to a nice round 400 members for this weeks newsletter but sadly, we’re just short! So if any of you have friends who are not yet members, do let them know about the network and invite them to join.

Joanna Urwin runs a video production service and you can see one of her videos on the network. The video - entitled Meubles Authentiques - was produced for an English run furniture company in Eymet. Using video is a great way to attract new clients to your site so if you’re running a business, gite or chambre d’hote why not check out Joanna’s page and see how she could help you promote your business?

And if you’ve still got un-booked weeks in your French property, don’t forget that you can use the SF status update on MY PAGE to share this information with network members, whilst posting it to your Twitter and Facebook page at the same time. Using the SF status update is a really great way of reaching large numbers of people simultaneously. If you’re still a bit sceptical about how using social media can help you grow your business or just unsure about how it works, there are some great posts on the subject by Craig McGinty and James Higginson. They can all be found in the BLOGS section.

Whilst I’m on the subject, if you’ve found a really effective way of attracting new customers, getting bookings, keeping your accounts or whatever else, please do feel free to write a blog post on the subject and share your tips with the network. With our combined experience of life in France, the SF network can become a fantastic resource for its members!

Facing the challenges that life throws at us isn’t always easy and coping with day to day life in a foreign country can sometimes be incredibly hard. I’m sure that most people have gone through difficult periods and often talking to a trained counsellor helps. So I was especially pleased to welcome Anne Pilling to the network. Anne is a fully trained and qualified counsellor with many years experience. She is based in the South but she also offers telephone and skype sessions. Do have a look at her page where you can find out more about what she does and the various workshops she offers.

That’s all for now folks. I’ve provided you with information on improving your turnover and mental well being (personally I find the two tend to go together…), I’m just sorry I can’t do anything about the weather…

Catharine x